Florida Artists Group

  Application Form can be downloaded here
Please download and print clearly on application form

The Florida Artists Group is a time-honored organization of professional artists who live
and work in Florida. Our members work in all kinds of media and are considered some of
the best artists in the state. We have a fine reputation and look for members who will
contribute both with excellent artwork and active participation in FLAG.
The jury is composed of members of the Board of Directors and takes place in January of
each year.
The deadline for submission of materials is October 1st.
They must be received by October 1st.

Submission Requirements:

1. Applicant must reside in Florida at least 6 months of each year.
2. Applicant must be teaching or working in art professionally.
3. Applicant must have an email address and be able to communicate using the internet.
4. If accepted you will be asked to serve as area chair at some time in the future.

Applicant must:
1. Reside in Florida at least 6 months of the year.
2. Work as a professional artist.
3. Must have an email address and be able to communicate using the computer.
4. Be able and willing to help in some capacity in the organization when asked.

The jury is composed of members of the Board of Directors. Our annual review of applications takes place in
January. Please mail your application and materials before December 1st of the year you are applying.
Late applications will be saved until the next review the following year. Your materials will be returned with an
acceptance or rejection letter in a timely manner after the jurying process.

What to Submit (put on cd and mail in all documents below)
1. Professional Resumé/Bio (maximum two pages)
summary including your education, goals and future projects personal or community
2. Artist's statement
3. Listing of exhibitions and awards, local, state and nationwide
4. 5-8 images of original artworks created in the last 3 years - (same medium please) if oils, show all oils
5 x 7 300 dpi jpg format, additional images of details are accepted example: (close-ups of details)
*when saving your images save in this manner (no spaces, dollar signs)
First Name-Last Name-Title-Medium-Size-Date-Price
(Example) Martha-Jones-The-Encounter-Oil-22x40-April-2015
5. A professional photograph of you, head and shoulders
6. Other materials as deemed helpful to reveal level of professionalism (post cards, catalogs)
7. A non Refundable Application Fee of $25.00

How to Submit

1. Print out a copy of your resume/bio, artist statement, list of exhibits and the Florida Artists Group
2. Include on your cd, your resume/bio, artist statement, list of exhibits, photo of you, and at least 5 images of
your work.
*Note if you wish to have your materials returned to you, please include a SASE with sufficient postage.
Materials will not be returned if SASE is not include.

Send all materials indicated above to:
Joanna Coke
500 Wanda Place
Nokomis, FL. 34275