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 Romel Orta— Mixed Media

Romel Orta

24 x 24

 Romel Orta

El Oportunista
30 x 40

  Romel Orta
Romel Orta

Ciudad Salitre
20 x 24

Romel Orta

20 x 24

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Artists Bio

Romel Orta is a Cuban born visual artist living and working in South Florida. He studied for six years the basics of painting at the Casa de Cultura de Plaza in Vedado, Cuba. Then he continued to paint as a self-made artist. His work consists of neo-figurative abstraction and experimentation with recycled materials. Each artwork is raw art. His compositions suggest human introspection.
Orta has exhibited his work in La Habana, Cuba and the United States.   
Romel Orta is represented by Natalia Martinez and himself. At the moment you can also say that Romel Orta is part of the Curatorial Program at Contemporary Art Projects USA.

Artist Statement

Today my work is focused in a deep experimentation between abstract and new-figurative art. To accomplish it, I employ a variety of techniques and materials such as collage, vegetal pigments, acrylic and diverse elements of common use like fruit juices, spices or make-up, as I try to apply the practical elements of the home on the canvas. I call my own creative style 'my raw art'.  I consider myself an emotional artist and my work is based on my subconscious intimate and spiritual world. I combine recycled materials with the purpose of merging my art with things that others discard considering them unimportant




UNEAC, La Habana-Cuba. "Exhibit-workshop Antoine de Saint-Exupery". 3rd Prize.


Old Presidential Palace, La Habana-Cuba. Painting Performance by Romel Orta "El Alienado"
(The Alienated).


La Habana-Cuba. Bienal de la Habana. Invited Artist.
Miami Cultural Arts Center. Exhibition "Convite a la Danza"(Invitation to Dance). Participant artist.

La Habana-Cuba. Casa del Habano, Melia Havana. "Convite a la Danza"(Invitation to Dance). Participant artist.


Miami Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. "Making new Impressions". Participant artist.
Miami Arts Park Young Circle Gallery. "Variations on the same Subjects:  People, Nature and Geometry”. Participant artist


Art on Cuba magazine, month: March-May, 2015