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Beverlee Ahlin was educated at Boston University, The Corcoran College
of Art and Design with Gene Davis of theWashington Color Painters,
oriental brushwork with Diana Kan and was sous chef for Julia Child on
the French Chef TV series.
A former pilot and consultant to the President’s Aviation Commission, she
served for a dozen years as congressional liaison of U.S. Airways in the
nation’s capitol. One day, however, at the age of 40, she chucked the
Amelia Earhart life for the Georgia O’Keefe life and did what she always
wanted to do—just paint!
She founded The Boat house Art school in Washington D.C. and was an
adjunct professor at Rollins College,Winter Park for 10 years.
Her paintings hang at Universal Studios in Florida, the Inter-American
Development Bank inWashington D.C., in three embassies there and in
private collections most recently that of Richard Chamberlain, the actor
and Baryshnikov, the dancer.

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Waiting on Artist


Waiting on Artist