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Carol received her degrees from Endicott College, the Framingham State Teachers College in Maryland as well as the Art Students League in New York City. After taking workshops with artists such as Carole Barnes, Lee Weiss, Barbara Nechis and Katherine Cheng Liu, she embarked on a career that has garnered many awards both state-wide and nationally. She is a member, amongst others, of the National Association of Women Artists, NYC, The Artist’s Guild of Northwood University,West Palm Beach and the
National Collage Society, Hudson OH. “I am a mixed media artist who is constantly fascinated with color and
texture. My paintings are done with hand-colored papers, inks, acrylics and a variety of textured materials using the collage technique. Traveling is a great source of my inspiration and often results in a series of
paintings. Color is important to me and often a new series will carry the same colors along with the theme. I have often collected natural and found materials that I use to create textural relief. The subject themes of my paintings are not always immediately recognizable by the viewer, but are open to interpretation. This alone adds to the mystery of my work.”

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Waiting on Artist