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Cheryl Eggleston— Painter

Cheryl Eggleston

Is It All A Game
30 x 30

 Cheryl Eggleston

Truth/Blank Key
30 x 24

  Cheryl Eggleston
Cheryl Eggleston

...And Then We Lost Our Way
24 x 30

Cheryl Eggleston

Fibonacci or GPS
24 x 30

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Art came late to me.
I married young and became a corporate wife.  My husband’s position in a multinational hospital corporation required that we move around the country every few years.  We spent one year living in Quito, Ecuador where he finished a hospital project that had lagged for several years.  When we finally got the opportunity to settle in Atlanta, Georgia, I decided I wanted to go to art school.   To be an artist was a long held dream from my childhood.

My formal art education is in Visual Communications/Graphic Design.  After graduating with honors, I went to work for an advertising agency in Atlanta.  In a short time, I realized I did not want to take my career in that direction.
My love of black and white design had me working in pen & ink, pencil and silverpoint for a time.  I began to appreciate the freedom I had to explore my own strengths and to stretch myself artistically.  My work focused on very dense garden scenes and heavy foliage.  Slowly, I gained the confidence to join the fine art world.  My work was well received, as I was showing in juried shows, winning awards and selling.  But very soon after my new career began, it ended as tragedy struck. My husband fell seriously ill and I became his full time caregiver for three years.  Then he died.  I was alone after 20 years of marriage.  Sick at heart, I left the art field for many years.
Over those years, I dabbled in alkyd painting and much of my technique is self taught.   My commercial art training had emphasized quick drying watercolor, acrylic, gouache, inks and dyes.  Although alkyds were briefly introduced at school, I was immediately attracted to the luminous colors and the semi-quick drying feature of the product.  It has been my choice of medium almost exclusively since I began to put paint on canvas.  As many artistic rules apply in both the graphic and fine arts, I rely on my design knowledge when I embark on a new piece of work. 
Why I paint as an abstract/surrealist artist is not entirely clear to me especially in view of my prior work.  Yes, my husband’s illness and death had a profound impact on my life and it has surely marked my thoughts and feelings.  Now, when I start a new piece of work, something within leads me to paint the images you see included here.
My transition into a fine art painting career has been a slow and bumpy one.  It began again in earnest a little over one year ago.  During that time, I have built my website, painted and shown the work in the venues listed below and sold three paintings.  I recently completed the Broward County Cultural Arts Division Sponsored Artist as Entrepreneur Institute.   It is a very in-depth workshop with the purpose of fine tuning the skills artists need to succeed as a professional.  I am also working to further my career by networking within various art organizations. 

Artist Statement

There is a duality in the approach I take to my art.  My education in the graphic arts and my own temperament for order has influenced my painting style.   It may appear my paintings are calculated and designed, but there is far more intuitive thought and action in the process of creating each piece than may be apparent. Each piece always begins with a black and white thumbnail sketch that’s partly calculated, partly intuitive.  This sketch is merely a jumping off point.  As I work through the painting process, color selection is more intuitive than calculated.  Any imagery within the work comes to me subconsciously but, when I see it appear on the canvas, I actively use it in a calculated way.  This makes the process more fluid and changeable.   I don’t believe this duality is unique to me in any way, but I am quite sensitive to it.  Rather than a focus on feelings and emotions, I paint thoughts and ideas.  Whatever their meaning, I present a polished, conceptualized image.  My paintings appeal to those viewers who find the imagery thought provoking and who instinctively seek order, balance and harmony in their lives and surroundings.

Art Institute of Atlanta – 1978


Museum of Art Alexandria, LA             The 30th September Competition 6/2/2017 – 9/23/2017
Broward Art Guild                                       Abstractions Show   2017
Broward Art Guild                                       Summer Sizzle Show   2017
Starving Artists                                            17th Annual Show   2017
Coral Springs Artist Guild                           Museum Lobby Show   2017
ArtBravo   2017
Broward Art Guild                                         Out of the Dark, Into the Light Show   2016
Coral Springs Artist Guild                           Museum Lobby Show   2016
Broward Art Guild                                         Art Squared Show   2016
Broward Art Guild                                         Summer Sizzle Show   2016
Broward Art Guild                                        Red, White & Blue Show   2016



Best in Show                                       Broward Art Guild for ‘Number 9’   Summer Sizzle Show 2016
Honorable Mention                           Broward Art Guild for ‘Zero’   Art Squared Show 2016
Honorable Mention                           Coral Springs Artist Guild for ‘Number 7’   Museum Lobby Show 2016


Broward Art Guild
Coral Springs Artist Guild
Plantation Art Guild – New Member
National League of American Pen Women – New Member