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Debbie L Rubin— Photographer

Debbie Rubin

Golden Glow
15 x 15

 Debbie Rubin

The Curl
30 x 40

  Debbie Rubin
Debbie Rubin

22 x 28

Debbie Rubin

The Grande Oak
48 x 36

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Member of Flag since: 2018
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Alligators eyes twinkling in the night, snakes slithering across my pathway, mosquitoes swarming around me, often accompany my sojourn into my early morning shoots.
However, I choose to ignore them and hope that they find someone better to feast upon. The positive balance to these predatory creatures is the quietude that is so very comforting. I hear the croaking of frogs, dragon flies skimming across the swamp and birds awakening one another with their tentative chirps. It is at that moment that the glorious light announces the sun’s arrival.

Depending upon the subject— whether I want to come in tighter to show an intimate aspect of a root or isolate a leaf displaying its system of veins, or whether I want to expose the different layers of the water, land, foliage and sky, determines my choice of lenses. Then, it all comes down to the lighting—whether I want a silhouette against a sun drenched sky, or a mountain shrouded in the mist, emerging from a body of water which has given birth to its shadow.

When I am setting up to create an image, I sometimes see in black and white, sometimes in color, depending upon what emotion the moment brings to me. In a perfect world, I can scout out the area to find the optimal composition and then return for the magic hours which for me are at daybreak or twilight. Sometimes, I am fortunate enough to immediately see what flutters my heart. Occasionally, I am blessed to simply sit and wait in a lush green forest, replete with wildflowers, resplendent with trees and the scent of the earth.


Bachelor of Arts /Masters in English Education


Highland Beach Library, First Place for “Papaya Collection” March 1-April 27, 2012
Honorary Nominee for Spider Fellow 8th Annual Black & White Spider Award, in Nature, 2013
David Posnack Jewish Community Center Honorable Mention “Koi Pond”, 2012
David Posnack Jewish Community Center, Third Place, ”The Forest Through the Trees”, 2013
Coral Springs Museum, Second Place “Fish Eating Creek”, August 27-September 30, 2013
Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery, “Art For Arts Sake II”, Honorable Mention for “Ready To Ride” May 29th-October 4, 2013
Boca Raton Community Center, Third Place Award Art Ventures II”, for “Old Meets New”, July 1-31st, 2014
Sugar Sand Park Community Center 8th Annual Juried Art Show, Honorable Mention for Through The Mist” 2014
Women In The Visual Arts Second Place, October,2014
Environmentally Engaged Third Place 2015
Nathan D Sandler Art Center First Place 2015
Boca Raton Diagnostic Center First Place  “Reflections At First Light” 2015
Honorary Nominee for Spider Fellow 9th Annual Award in Nature 2014
Honorary Nominee and Honorable Mention for Spider Fellow 10th Annual Award 2015 in Silhouette and Nature
Boca Raton Museum of Art:  The Artist's Guild
Second Place for:  Through The Forest”
Honorary Nominee for Spider Fellow 9th Annual Black & White Spider Award, in Nature 2014
Nominee for The 8th Annual International Color Awards, 2015
Winner For The 9th Annual International Color Awards 2016
Merit Award for The 9th Annual Color Awards 2016 Sports “Encouragement”
Art Florida Best In Photography 2016 for “The Barbershop”
David Posnack JCC:  Judges Recognition 2016 “A View Of The Pier”
Black & White Magazine August 2016 Merit Award for “A Grande Reflection”, “Water, Water Everywhere” and “Gracefully Grazing”
The Art of Association Lighthouse Art Center Third Place:  “The Barbershop”
Cultural Council ‘Artistic Vision” Judge’s Recognition August 2016 “Hidden Beach”
Black & White Spider 2016 Honorable Mention “Blowing In The Wind”
Nominee For:  Silhouette
Nominee For:  Wildlife
NAWA Crossing Boundaries  National, Second Place Award for “The Barbershop”
NAWA Well Chosen 2017 3rd Place ArtServe “Golden Glow”
International Color Awards 03/04/17 Honorable Mention for “Cobra Control,” ” The Barbershop”, Nominee for “Tree Neighbors,”” Shadows In The Night” and Boneyard Beach
Honorable Mention Black and White Spider Awards 2017 for "TheForest For The Trees”

Group and Solo Exhbitions:

Bonnet House: Impressions 2014, 2015, 2016,2017
Spanish River Library -32 piece exhibit 2012
All Florida 2014, 2015
Naples – 50th Founders Exhibit
Tri-County Biennial Competition and Exhibit, 2015
Cultural Council of West Palm Beach 2015, 2015
Cornell Museum National 2013
National Art Encounter 2014
Coors Equestrian Exhibit 2015
Tri-County Biennial Competition and Exhibit, 2016
Camera USA 2016
Lauderdale Yacht Club January 26, 2017


The Art Of Seeing Book, single image “Giraffes In The Mist”
Naples Illustrated, September,2014” Approaching Storm”
Black & White Magazine spread, August,2016, June, 2017
Portfolio Magazine, cover and spread, October 2016
Landscape Photography Magazine January 1017 Winter Wonderland
Winner’s Journal (Black & White Spider Awards)  2017
Winners Journal (International Color Awards) 2017


Women In The Visual Arts
Co-Chair of Spring Celebration of High School Art 2013 for WITVA
Art Serve of Fort Lauderdale
Broward Art Guild
Steering Committee 2012, Boca Raton School of Art
Cultural Council of Palm Beach
Fine Artist of The Bonnet House
National Association of Women Artists
Naples Art Association
Florida Artists Group 2017

Future Projects:

Two of my passions are photography and preservation of our natural environment.  We live in one of the most beautiful states in the country replete with exquisite flora and waterways. Our trees, and ocean, swamps, lagoons, rivers and lakes produce magnificent nature—a botanist’s dream!  We have incredible vistas, sunrises and sunsets.  One of my goals is to bring my love of our environment into the schools via cameras and field trips.  I am working on setting up programs that would enable students to study hands on through visual, tactile and the joy of holding an image that one has printed for others to be able to see that which must be preserved.  I also presently teach several up and coming photographers.