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 Kari O'Connell— Painter

Kari O'Connell Open Window

Open Window
53 x 46

 Kari O'Connell  Passage

48 x 55

  Kari O'Connell
Kari O'Connell  The Blues Are Running

The Blues Are Running
48 x 55

Kari O'Connell  Summer Flutter

Summer Flutter
52 x 47

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Artists Bio

Kari Dahle O’Connell was born in Tromso, Norway and raised in Oslo.  She immigrated to United States in 1960 where she spent some time living in New York City and Manhasset, NY.  Her art career began in Dallas, Texas where she first studied watercolor painting with Linda McCall.  After retirement, she and her husband relocated to Florida where Kari launched her art career.  Fort Lauderdale provided Kari with a rich art community and she trained with nationally renowned Sally Cooper.

Kari uses an intuitive process to create  acrylic paintings on canvas, wood and paper.  For her, painting is a dynamic process where she builds upon the elements of her surroundings to create stunning works of art that are open to interpretation by the viewer.

Artist Statement

My Nordic roots have influenced my appreciation of light, color and texture.  My approach to the canvas is without preconceived notions and I allow the intuitive process to guide me.  I seek to capture luminosity and atmosphere and interpret it through my use of the elements of color and texture.  My paintings reflect these sensations

Exhibitions and Awards

2014:         The Artist Magazine’s 31st Art Competition: Abstract Experimental,
                   Award Finalist, “The Blues Are Running”
2014:          Broward Art Guild: Red, Third Place, “Solis Occasus”
2013:          Broward Art Guild: Landscapes and Still Life:  Best in Show,
                   “Garden’s Treasure”
2013:          Florida Watercolor Society: The American Frame Corporation,
                   10th Place, “White Cloud”
2012:          Broward Art Guild: Abstractions, First Place, “Exhuma Summer”
                    Kari O’Connell (contd)
2011:         Women in the Visual Arts (WITVA) Artistic Possibilities 111: First Place, “Untitled #3 (Pious)”
2011:          Broward Art Guild: Abstractions, Second Place, “Seagull’s View”
2010:         Armory Watch for Unveiled Excellence Exhibition: Six paintings: 
                  “Nordic Aliens”, “Joy”, “Harbor Reach”, “Dancing Callie”, “Go Fish”, “1500 Feet”
2010:         Broward Art Guild: Abstractions, Judge’s Recognitions, “Harbor Reach”
2010:          Coral Springs Artist Guild Harvest of Color: Second Place, “White Cloud”
2010:         Gold Coast Watercolor Society (GCWS) Florida Focus: Whitlow
                   Emerging Award: “Waterways”
2009:         Fifth Annual National Drawing, Painting and Printmaking
                    Competition: accepted “Nordic Aliens”
2009:         Women in the Visual Arts (WITVA) Artistic Visions: Judges
                    Recognition and Armory Watch for Excellence, “Waterways”
2009:         Coral Springs Artist Guild’s 36th Anniversary Exhibit: Second Place, “Waterways”
2009:         Gold Coast Watercolor Society (GCWS) Florida Focus: First Place, “Nordic Aliens”
2009:         Broward Art Guild: Abstractions: First Place, “Joy”
2007:         Gold Coast Watercolor Society (GCWS) Florida Focus: Forms and Shape,
                    Honorable Mention, “Mapquest”