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  Lynn Morgan— Pastel

Heaven and Earth by Lynn Morgan

Heaven and Earth
18 x 24

Ice WAter by Lynn Morgan 

Ice Water
27 x 19

  Lynn Morgan
In Bloom by Lynn Morgan

In Bloom
27 x 19

Lynn Morgan Mosaic

18 x 24

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Lynn's Bio:

Born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Lynn’s family moved to Florida when she was 13 years old. Her mother had been an art student at the Parsons School of Design in New York as a young woman, but her potential art career was cut short by the Depression. Lynn inherited her mother’s love of creating art, but the demands of work, marriage and, ultimately, single motherhood kept her on the corporate track. Lynn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management. After 35 years in corporate America, Lynn retired and began pursuing her lifelong dream of being an artist. She is a member of the Pastel Society of America, First Coast Pastel Society, Artists of Palm Beach County, Lighthouse ArtCenter and Armory Art Center, a Signature Member of the Boca Raton Museum Art Guild and a juried professional member of the National Association of Women Artists, as well as serving as Treasurer of the Florida Chapter of that organization.
Lynn has studied art at Palm Beach Community College, the Armory Art Center, the Lighthouse ArtCenter and has taken workshops with Carl Schmalz, Robbie Laird, Barbara Nechis, Terri Ford,  Margaret Dyer, Casey Klahn and Miroslav Antic. After dabbling in acrylics and watercolor, Lynn discovered her passion for the richness and vibrancy of pastels, which comprise most of her work. Her varied subject matter is inspired by her travels in the US, Europe and the South Pacific and by her family: her daughter and two grandsons. Her artistic influences include Cezanne, Matisse, Bonnard, Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff and Linda Christensen. Lynn lives in Palm Beach Gardens, and is also a self-taught professional framer and frames all of her own pastels.

Artist Statement:

Lynn Morgan is a painter whose singular devotion to pastels infuses her work with a flair for bold colors and a distinctive immediacy. She divides her work between landscapes and figurative compositions, but the urge to give her pictures a looser, more abstract quality provides the creative tension that makes her painting continually interesting and dynamic.

Lynn works exclusively in pastels because she feels it connects her with the painting more directly. “The pigment is right in your hand—there’s nothing between you and the surface you’re working on,” says Lynn.

“The vibrant colors are another big reason I love working in pastels, plus the versatility—you can do strokes or lines and vary the width so easily. You don’t have to change brushes or mix paint, so it allows for quick transitions and more spontaneity, which is reflected in the work.”

Lynn, who is based in south Florida, draws her subject matter from everyday sights, and also from her travels in France, Italy, the South Pacific, and other parts of America. At the core of her work is an emotional imperative, a desire to convey the beauty she sees all around her, wherever she happens to be.

The pretty scenes and upbeat perspective that dominate Lynn’s work reveal an artist who is definitely not attempting to merely replicate what she sees in real life. Even in her more Impressionist-influenced works, and certainly in the abstract pieces, she is less interested in the subject per se, than its ability to inspire a vital work of art. In her choices of color, line, and perspective, and the spontaneous emotional responses that act as the painting’s master control, she is really attempting to transcend the subject before her, to render three dimensions into two and give the viewer something utterly distinct, that could only come from one single moment and one artist’s hand.

For Lynn, and ideally for her viewers too, the world of the painting is all. Moreover, in her steady move toward abstraction she is embracing a form that ratifies this belief, as it draws on the artist’s deepest reserves and goes beyond the surface of the subject in the most uncompromising way.

Lynn’s work is inspired by Cezanne, Matisse, and Mary Cassatt, among others. She has studied art in a variety of both academic and informal workshop settings.

Lynn Morgan creates contemporary pastel paintings that expand the legacy of Post-Impressionism. Whether she’s painting a mall scene, a garden, or something in Tahiti, her joyous outlook on life shines through, and serves to pull the viewer into the painting—which makes her work less “about” the subjects it depicts, than the very experience of engaging with her art.

Selected Exhibits

Lighthouse ArtCenter                       Spotlight on New Talent, 2013, Honorable Mention Member
                                                              Exhibits,  2009 – 2013
                                                              Painters of Scenery Juried Exhibit, 2010 – 2013, 2nd Place 2013
                                                              Contempo Juried Exhibit, 2011
Armory Art Center                            PGA Resort juried Exhibit, 2012
                                                              Northwood Exhibit 2013
Artists of Palm Beach County          GardensArt Juried Exhibition, 2010
                                                             Crest Gallery Juried Exhibition, 2010                                               
                                                             Art on Park Gallery, Autumn Exhibit
Fifth Avenue Art Gallery                 Eau Gallie Arts District  100% Pure Florida Juried Exhibition,
                                                              2012, 2013, 2014 - Award of Distinction, 2014
Boca Museum Art Guild                   Juried Exhibits Downtown Boca Library Exhibit, 2013 ,
                                                              Living Room Theatres 2013, 2nd Place
2014 IAPS Web Show
Studio 1608 Gallery                          Juried Shows ,Right Here, Right Now, 2010
                                                             ONE, 2011
Art in Public Places                           Palm Beach International Airport Solar Abstractions
                                                              Juried Exhibition, 2009
Light, Space and Time Gallery        Juried Figurative Exhibit, 2012, Special Recognition
                                                             Juried Abstract Exhibit, 2013, Special Recognition
Artists Haven Gallery                       2013 International Fine Art Juried Competition
                                                              December 2013 Group Exhibit
National Assoc. of Women Artists   Juried Exhibits
                                                              Village Art Gallery Exhibit, 2011
                                                              Silvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery, New York, 2011
                                                              Jeannette Hare Gallery Exhibit, 2011, 2013
                                                              Insights, Crest Theatre, 2012
                                                              Image Makers, GardensArt, 2013
                                                              Truth and Beauty, Coral Springs Museum of Art, 2013
                                                              Eclectic, Armory Art Center, 2013
                                                              Visionaries, Marco Island Center for the Arts, 2013
                                                              125 Years: Women of Vision, Armory Art Center, 2014


Pastel Society of America            Juried Member
Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild - Signature Member
National Association of Women Artists - Signature Member
Lighthouse ArtCenter
Armory Art Center
First Coast Pastel Society
Florida Museum for Women Artists - Charter Member
Artists of Palm Beach County                       


Art Education

Palm Beach Community College                    Basic art courses           
Barbara Nechis Watercolor Workshop         Art Center, Sarasota
Lighthouse ArtCenter                                     Drawing and Painting courses
Robbie Laird Watercolor Workshop             Palm Beach Watercolor Society
Armory Art Center                                         Drawing, Painting and Fused Glass courses
                                                                           Advanced Painting Seminar with Miroslav Antic
Margaret Dyer                                                 The Figure in Pastel
                                                                           Daytona Beach Art League, 2008 – 2009
Terri Ford                                                        Painting the Pastel Landscape  Quercy Region, France, 2010
Casey Klahn Pastel Workshop                       Seeing Differently, 2014


Other Education
M.S. Human Resources Management          Nova Southeastern University, 1980
B.A. Education                                                  Florida Atlantic University, 1970