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Marge Bennett— Painter

Marge Bennett

Bloomin Garden 3 24x36

Marge Bennett

Jungle 3 32x40
Marge Bennett
Ready for Business 40x30
Marge Bennett
Shop Walk St Armand Circle 40x30

Marge's Bio:

Painting on Both Sides of the Brain…
About the Artist, Marge Bennett

From a very early critique:
    “Bennett’s orchestration of order and ardor, feeling and formalism that dots
    the i and crosses the t in the word that describes her, artist”
                                                                                         Joan Altabe, Art Critic
From a recent critique:
   “Bennett approaches this familiar subject matter (flowers) with an uncharacteristically
    powerful sense of color and design. Her flowers have punch—they’re like bursts of  
   botanical fireworks.”
                                                                                         Marty Fugate, Art Critic

Art is Marge’s passion and her delight. She says of her works “My art reflects my search for serenity and beauty. My heart wants color and light, my head requires balance and design.”

Marge’s paintings can be geometric and patterned or free flowing and natural. This duality reflects her background. Trained in science, with a Ph.D. in chemistry, she traded her lab coat for a painter’s smock in the early 70s. After some initial studies at the Art Institute of South Florida she continued her progress by working with outstanding artists from around the country.

Marge works primarily in watercolor and acrylics. Her paintings receive frequent awards and recognition and are included in collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. She and her husband, Fred, live in Sarasota, Florida. Her work can be viewed there at Elizabeth Stevens Gallery.

Artist Statement:

I use watercolor and acrylic paints on paper or canvas to create works that I hope will lead viewers to see themselves and their world in a positive and happy light. My paintings are of everyday objects and ideas. They are strong in design and vivid in color and reflect my vision and experience.

   In the past I have created series that reflect my early training in science and math and others that come from my life-long love of and interest in nature and organic forms. On occasion these two have come together. 

My current ambition is to combine the geometric and organic aspects of earlier works in a new series that will express them both.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions:  

   2012   Blooms  Elizabeth Stevens Gallery                                                                          Sarasota, FL
   2011   “Out On A Limb” Elizabeth Stevens Gallery                                                             Sarasota, FL
   2009   “In The Garden”   (Elizabeth Stevens Gallery)                                                        Sarasota, FL
   2008   Bloomin’ Garden”   (Harmony Gallery”)                                                                 Sarasota, FL
   2007   “Florida As I See It”  (Sharp Stevens Gallery)                                                         Sarasota, FL
   2006   “Angles and Patterns”   (Sharp Stevens Gallery)                                                     Sarasota, FL
   2005   “Marge Bennett Art”   (Century Bank)                                                                      Bradenton, FL
   2004   “Music As Muse”    (Art Center Sarasota)                                                                 Sarasota, FL
   2003            “Florida”   (Arts Council of Manatee Gallery”                                                  Bradenton, FL
   2002   “Gardens of Imagination”    (Marie Selby Botanical Gardens)                              Sarasota, FL
   2001   “Faces and Places”   (Towles Court Artist Colony)                                                  Sarasota, FL
   2000   “Imagined Gardens”   (Towles Court Artist Colony)                                               Sarasota,FL
   1991   “Cathedrals”   (St. Boniface Art Center)                                                                     Siesta Key, FL
   1989   “Structures”   (Arvida Gallery)                                                                                    Longboat Key, FL

Selected Group Juried and Invitational Exhibitions:

   2012   8th Biennial National  Exhibition, Visual Art Center                                               Punta Gorda, FFL
   2010   Venice Art Center, Two Person Show, “Faces and Places”                                    Venice, FFL
   2009   “State Association, NLAPW Biennial Exhibition”  (Art Center)                           Sarasota, FFL
   2009   “Tea For Three”  (American Juried Art Salon)                                                       On Line Exhibit
   2000-2007  Operated Marge Bennett Art Gallery in Towles Court                                Sarasota, FL
   2007   “South Florida Museum”   WCA Invitational                                                           Bradenton, FL  
   2006   “Murray Hill Galleries”   Stevens North Invitational                                              Cleveland, OH
   2002   “Blue House Gallery”   Art Focus Guild”                                                                   Sarasota, FL
   2001   “Winter Park Sidewalk Show”   Arts Festival                                                        Winter Park, FL
   2000   “ISEA Members Show”    (Western Colorado Center for the Arts)                     Grand Junction, CO
   1998   “Southern WC Society Show”    ((Heritage Hall Museum)                                    Talladega, AL
   1997   “Two,s Better”  “Longboat Key Art Center)                                                             Longboat Key, FL
   1997   “ISEA Members Show”   (Longboat Key Art Center)                                             Longboat Key, FL
   1996   “Friends of the Arts & Sciences First Show”   (Hilton Leech Studio)                  Sarasota, FL
   1995   “Salmagundi Open”   (Salmagundi Club)                                                                  New York, NY
   1991   “Watercolorists”  (Dover Art Gallery)                                                                       Boca Raton, FL
   1990   “Salmagundi Open”   (Salmagundi Club)                                                                  New York, NY
   1989   “Cathedral”   (Cornell Art Museum)                                                                          Winter Park, FL
   1988    “Noah’s Arc”    (Chattahoochee Valley Art Association)                                         La Grange, GA
   1987   “Nothing to Wear”   (Florida Watercolor Society)                                                    Vero Beach, FL
   1984   “Eye of the Beholder”   (Boca Raton Art Museum)                                                  Boca Raton, FL

Selected Awards and Honors:
   2012   Merit Award, National League of American Pen Women, National Show            Washington DC
   2009   Inclusion in the Bows Arts Fundraiser for Sarasota Orchestra                             Siesta Key, FL
   2009   Water Media Award   (American Juried Art Salon)                                               On Line Exhibition
   2009   Award of Excellence   
(National League of American Pen Women, State Show)                                                       Florida
   2007   “Master Painter Plus” Designation   (American Juried Art Salon)                        On Line Gallery
   2000   First Place: 2-Dimensional Works   (Anna Maria Island Springfest)                  Anna Maria, FL
   1998   Featured Artist   (Arts Atlantica Festival)                                                                Ocean City, MD
   1996   First Place: “Reds and Blues”   (Longboat Key Art Center)                                   Longboat Key,FL
   1995   First Place: Fine Art   (Florida Heritage Festival)                                                   Bradenton, FL
   1995   Third Place: “World Around Us”   (Art League of Manatee County)                    Bradenton, FL
   1995   Best In Show: “Garden Remembered”   Suncoast WC Society                              Charlotte County, FL
   1993   Merit Award    International Soc. of Experimental Artists                                     Shreveport, LA

Selected Publications:
   2011   Style Magazine, Style Arts “Lush Visions”                                                                           Sarasota, FL
   2009   Arts Calendar, Pelican Press, “From Science to the Arts”                                                 Sarasota, FL
   2008   Folio   Downtown and Beyond                                                                                               Sarasota, FL
   2000   CD Cover Art: “Visions of Spring”   Elfin Music Co.                                                           Sarasota, FL
   1999   Artwork Featured: “Nothing to Wear”   (Home Magazine)                                             New York, NY
   1998   Cover Art:  “Blue Iris”   (National Awakenings Magazine)                                              Sarasota, FL
   1998   Cover Art:  “Paradise Found”   (Pelican Press)                                                                   Sarasota, FL
   1997   Article:  “A Sense of Style”  (Panache Magazine)                                                                Sarasota, FL
   1993   Cover Art:  Return To Splendor  (ISEA Catalog)                                                               Sarasota, FL
   1987   Article: “Winter Haven Artist Finds Fulfillment Through Art” (Lakeland Ledger)        Lakeland, FL
   1987   Review: “Cathedral Points Way to Heaven”   (Sarasota Herald Tribune)                        Sarasota, FL

Professional Affiliations:
    Signature Member: Florida Watercolor Society  (Requires acceptance into three juried exhibitions)
    Signature Member: Southern Watercolor Society  (See above.)
    Signature Member:  International Society of Experimental Artists   (See above.)
    Florida Artists Group: Artists in State of FL. Juried.
    National League of American Pen Women:  Arts Member. Juried.
    International Society of Acrylic Painters     (New Member)
    Women Contemporary Artists, Life Member
    Art Center Sarasota, Venice Art Center, Arts Council of Manatee County

Represented by:
   Elizabeth Stevens Gallery Sarasota, Florida