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Peppi Elona— Painter

Peppi Elona

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20 x 17

Peppi Elona

Colorful Sweaters I and II

60 x 30

 Peppi Elona
Peppi Elona

Scribble Chase
60 x 48

Peppi Elona

The Ritz Carlton

16 x 18

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Peppi's Bio:

She began her training in the visual arts at Finch College in New York City, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and her Masters of Arts from Montclair State University in Montclair New Jersey.

Peppi Elona’s art investigates both abstract and figurative work employing a painting technique that utilizes fragmented bits of color, large flat solid areas of color and expressive line to define pictorial space. Three dimensional materials have been recently added to diversify her palette and expression. 

Her abstract works are often formal aesthetic explorations using a broad range of color and innovative design elements to create unique visual effects.

Her figurative work demands a more visceral response. She is guided by the desire to elicit an emotional reaction by the viewer when making choices of color and design. Her figures are not portraits, but archetypes, female symbols for various stages of life or symbolic depictions of everyday activities or meaningful events.

Artist Statement:

Imagination, intuition and experience guide Peppi in the making of art. The challenge of producing paintings, prints and dimensional objects lead her to explore paths for finding new constructs for visual expression. In each art form, she seeks a dynamic visual experience for herself and the viewer.  Every piece is an adventure and a discovery.
“Artwork has been my visual diary. The making of art is my necessity,  offering me emotional sustenance and insight into my own mind and soul. It is the language that expresses my inner self so I can speak to the world.”

Exhibitions and Awards:

Newark Museum, Newark, NJ, five person exhibit
Johnson and Johnson Corporate Headquarters Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ, group show
Selby Gallery of the Ringling College of Art and Design
Longboat Key Center for the Arts  Manatee Art Center
The Harmony Gallery of the Southwest Symphony Hall
and many other local art venues in Sarasota, Florida, including the Collector’s and Creators Tour, sponsored by the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota.

Her work is included in private and corporate collections.