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Wilma's Bio:

Wilma Bulkin Siegel, M.D., graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1958 and received her
medical degree in 1962 at Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania.  She has had a distinguished career
as a prominent oncologist in New York City. In her career she was a pioneer establishing one of the first Hospices in the state of New York and one of the first to accept AIDS patients. In the capacity of Medical Director of that Hospice, she was asked to give her expertise on AIDS to the Presidential Commission in Washington.
Following her retirement, she combined medicine with her other childhood career target, painting, by attending The National Academy of Design.  She has become an award-winning artist recognized
nationally for her series of people living with AIDS, Survivors of AIDS, The Changing Faces of AIDS
(Seniors), Breast Cancer Survivors, The Homeless, and the Elderly. Dr. Siegel has exhibited throughout
the country, particularly in connection with events involved with AIDS and Cancer. She has been
featured on CNN television for her AIDS series and she has been elected into Who’s Who in American
Art 2001. In the year 2005, April – October, she was featured in a one woman exhibition “Holocaust
Survivors and Liberators” at The Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has shown at Whitespace Collection West Palm Beach, Florida. Her current passion is to bring art into the medical field as an educational tool and a forum for healing. In this new field of art in medicine she has been instrumental
in creating a program at U of Miami in Florida and Columbia Medical Center in NY City to bring artists
to work with patients and also to teach medical students to see in a different way. She is a member
of the Advisory Council of Columbia Medical Center, New York City and the School of Nursing, Drexel
University, Philadelphia. In 2006 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters and was commencement speaker at Drexel University.
In April 2009 she was awarded the highest honor for contribution to the field of arts in Healthcare,
Janice Palmer Award of Society of Arts in Healthcare.

Artist's Statement:

I knew that I liked people and wanted to express the knowledge I had acquired about people as a
physician. I came upon portraiture as a means of expressing the psychology of the person I was
painting.  I developed my style rather early in my development as an artist. My past experience in sculpture was certainly an advantage, as was my knowledge of anatomy. The outcome is affected by line and atmosphere of the individual, vibrant colors and Florida with its warmth and free spirit.  Color to me means “Fire of Life”. Recently I have delved into photography but wish again to express a psychological and emotional expression. Here I believe black and white is best for the expression of the person since it is not so
literal. Currently my focus in art has been to bring Art-in-Medicine programs into the mainstream.
I have been responsible for starting a medical school course to bring artists and medical students
together to help the student have better visual acuity. I have a passion to start “Artists-in-residency” programs in the de-humanized medical settings to help in healing. I have made a motto for myself
in art, which I call the three C’s-Communication, Compassion, and Creativity.

Art Awards:

Honorable Mention, Plantation Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1992
Honorable Mention, Coral Springs Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1993-1994
Dick Blick Award, Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1994
Moore Greenblatt Memorial Award of National Association of Women Artists, NY 1995
Honorable Mention, Georgia Watercolor Society, Duluth, GA, 1996
American Physicians’ Art Assoc. Art Exhibit,  Charlotte, NC, 1997 – First Prize
Rhode Island Watercolor Society, 4th Annual Watermedia Competition,
             Pawtucket, RI, Honorable Mention
Women on Women, Art Serve, Fort Lauderdale, FL, First Prize – 1998
American Physicians’Art Assoc. Art Exhibit, New  Orleans, LA 1998 – First Prize
National Association of Women Artists Medal of Honor and Elizabeth Stanton Blake
      Memorial Award; New World Art Center, SOHO, New York City – First Prize-1999
National Association of Women Artists-Cecil Schapiro Memorial Award – 2000 Annual
       NAWA exhibition, Atelier 14 Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, 2000
Recipient of an Extraordinary Voices Award by the South Florida Chapter of Mothers’
       Voices, a national organization that mobilizes mothers as educators and advocates to
       their children about sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention
American Physicians’ Art Association Art Exhibit, Orlando, FL – 2000 – First Prize, “Looking Back”
Florida Artists’ Group Annual Show Tallahassee, FL May-Aug 2001
From the Heart of the Artists, NAWA,  Sarasota Art Center Sarasota, FL Nov 2001
NAWA Merit Award for Photography - 2001 - Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, West Palm Beac, FL
American Physician’s Art Assoc. Art Exhibit, Washington D.C., 2002 First Award
NAWA Florida Chapter Annual Show “Speaking of Art” Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL
       March 2003 Best in Show
2006 May “Doctor of Humane Letters” and Commencement Speaker “Art in Medicine”
            School of Public Health and School of Nursing Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
2007 February - Third Annual National Association of Women Artists, Florida Chapter 
         Northwood University, West Palm Beach. FL
American Physicians Art Association Annual show, New Orleans, LA, November 2007
         Honorable Mention - Masters Division.
Medal of Honor NAWA 120th Annual Show, Salmagundi, N.Y.
         and Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation Award 2009
Janice Palmer Award for contribution to field of Arts in Healthcare April 2009 by         
          Society of Arts in Healthcare
NAWA, FL - Third Place Northwood University Annual Show December 2009
NAWA, FL - Honorable Mention, Northern Trust Bank, North Palm Beach, FL 2010
NAWA, FL - First Prize - Northwood University, Annual 2012

Exhibitions:  (Group)

Bailey Hall Exhibits, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1992-1997 (Juried)
Broward Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1992-1993 (Juried)
Georgia Watercolor Society, Traveling Show, 1995 (Juried)
LeGrange Museum, LeGrange, GA, 1995 (Juried)
Marcella Geltman Gallery, Northern New Jersey, 1995 (Juried)
Lake Worth Art League, Fifth National Juried Show, Lake Worth, FL 1995
420 Gallery SOHO, New York, 1995-1996 (Juried)
Women for the Visual Arts, Boca Raton, FL 1995 (Juried)
Northwood University Art Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL, 1995-1997 (Juried)
Coastal Center for the Arts, St. Simons Island, GA, 1996 (Juried)
Gwinnett Fine Arts Center, Duluth, GA, 1996 (Juried)
Georgia Watercolor Society, Traveling Show, 1996, (Juried)
Lighthouse Gallery, Tequesta, FL, 1996-1997 (Juried)
San Diego Watercolor Society, International Exhibition, San Diego, CA, 1996, (Juried)
Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society Kenan Center Gallery, Lockport, NY, 1996, (Juried)
North Valley Art League National 13th Annual Exhibition, Redding, CA, 1997, (Juried)
Inland Exhibition XXXIII, San Bernardino Art Association National Show,
             San Bernardino County Museum, San Bernardino, CA, 1997 (Juried)
Community Arts Association National Exhibition, Ridgewood Art Institute,
             Ridgewood, NJ, 1997(Juried)
Florida Artists’ Group Annual Exhibition, Venice, FL 1997 (Juried)
Florida Artists’ Group Annual Exhibition, Tequesta, FL 1997 (Juried)
Greater Hollywood Invitational – Hollywood Art and Culture Center, “Portraits”,
            Hollywood, FL 1997 (Juried)
Schmidt Center Gallery, Florida Atlantic University “Home Show”, 2+3, Artists’
            Organization, Boca Raton, FL 1997 (Juried)
Georgia Watercolor Society, 1997 (Juried)
National Association of Women Artists, Small Works Exhibition, Gallery 54,
             SOHO New York City, 1997
Kentucky Watercolor Society, National Juried Exhibition, “Aqueous ‘97” Elizabethtown, KY
Rhode Island Watercolor Society, 4th Annual Watermedia Competition, Pawtucket, RI
             Honorable Mention, 1997
National Association of Women Artists, “Through a Woman’s Eye”,
            Palm Beach Community College, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 1997
American Physicians’ Art Assoc. Art Exhibit, Charlotte, NC, 1997 – First Prize
“The Faces of AIDS” quilt in the lobby, Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1997
Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Schacknow Museum, Coral Springs, FL 1997
National Association of Women Artists “Holiday Small Works Exhibit”,
            Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL, 1997
National Association of Women Artists, Schacknow Museum, Coral Springs, FL 1997
Rocky Mt. Regional Conference on HIV Disease, Denver, CO 1998
Exhibition at the University of Denver Student Union, Denver, CO 1998
Art Serve, “Women on Women”, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – First Prize 1998
New World Center, SOHO, New York City – “Continuity and Change”
            NAWA – 109th Annual Exhibition – 1998
Jackson Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL – Florida Artists Group –
            48th Annual Symposium 1998
Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, “All Elvis Art Show” – August 1998
Bailey Concert Hall, Broward Community College, “Watercolors, “98” Fort Lauderdale, FL
American Physicians’Art Assoc. Art Exhibit, New Orleans, LA – First Prize 1998
NAWA Exhibition – West End Gallery, West Palm, FL 1998
NAWA Exhibition – Coral Springs Museum, Coral Springs, FL 1999
American Physicians’ Art Association, Dallas Convention Center, November 1999
2+3 Exhibition – “Home” – Art Serve, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1999
NAWA Exhibition – New World Art Center, SOHO, New York City 1999
NAWA Exhibition – Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, West Palm Beach, FL 1999
Glass Gallery – Pembroke Pines, FL 1999
Boca Raton Art Guild of the Boca Raton Museum, 1999
NAWA  Exhibition, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL 2000
2+3 Group Exhibition, Main Library, Fort Lauderdale, FL April - May 2000
NAWA - Our Millennium Collection, Feminist Expo March 31 - April 2 2000,
             Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD
NAWA 111th Annual Exhibition, Atelier 14 Gallery, Chelsea, New York City 2000
Florida Artists Group Exhibition, Edison Community College Gallery of Fine Arts,
              Fort Myers, FL May 20 - June 30, 2000
2+3 Group Exhibition, “Under the Influence”, Fort Lauderdale Art Museum, Nov. 2000
NAWA exhibition – Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, West Palm Beach, FL December 2000
Young at Art Children’s Museum Plantation, FL ,April 2001
Florida Artists Group State Capitol Bldg., Tallahassee, FL, May 11 - August 11 , 2001
Small Things Considered - NAWA-Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NY, NY, May - June 2001
NAWA exhibition Bristol Art Museum October - November 2001 Bristol, Rhode Island (Juried)
Small Works 2+3 Show Yes Gallery, October 2001
From the Heart of the Artist, Sarasota Fine Arts Center, Sarasota, FL, November 2001
APAA Nashville, TN, November 2001
Women in the Arts/An Evolution - December 2001 - January 2002
             Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens West Palm Beach, FL
Testing the Water/Current Trends - NAWA Boca Gallery, Center, Boca Raton, FL, February 2002
Women in Action - NAWA Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL, March 2002
Art At Its Best - IGFA Museum, Dania, FL, March 3 – May 31, 2002
Florida Artists’ Group - St. Petersburg Art Center , St. Petersburg, FL, May 10 – June 28, 2002
Wave Gallery - 2+3 Small Works, Key West, FL, March – April 2002
Artserve Gallery, Main Library, Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 2002
Artserve Gallery, Branch Library, Fort Lauderdale, FL, August – September 2002
NAWA - By Her Hand, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL, September – November 2002
American Physicians’ Art Association Washington, DC, November 13 - 15, 2002
Atelier - Lazio, Naples, FL, “Connecting Creativity to Healthy Living”, November 30 – December 6, 2002
Artserve - Holiday Show Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, November–December 2002
Central Florida Community College, Webber Center, Ocala, FL, “Shopping” 2+3
             The Artists’ Organization, January 13–February 22, 2003
Northern Trust Bank, Stuart, FL, “Women Speak Out thru Creativity”, January 13–February 13, 2003
Florida International University Art Museum, Miami, FL, “Faces and Figures”, January 17–March 3, 2003
NAWA Florida Chapter Annual Show, Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL, March 2003
Florida Artists Group, St. Augustine, FL, April-May 2003
NAWA Florida - “Figuratively Speaking”, Coral Springs Museum September 2003
NAWA National Annual Show, NYC, October 2003
American Physicians Art Association, Annual Exhibition, New Orleans, LA, November 2007
American Physicians’ Art Association 66th Annual Art Exhibit, Hyatt Regency Hotel,
             Atlanta, GA, November 6-8, 2003
2+3 The Artists’ Organization Inc. Show, Artists’ Haven Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL, December 2003
“Shopping” 2+3 group show, Vero Beach Museum, Vero Beach, FL, November–December 2003
“Shopping”2+3 group show, Jupiter Gallery of Art, Town Hall, Jupiter, FL, January-February 2004
“Mannekins” 2+3 group show, Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, March 2004
“She” NAWA Annual, Northern Trust Bank, Aventura, FL, March 2004
Florida Artists’ Group, Annual Show, Artserve, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 2004
NAWA Florida Chapter, ”Visions”, Ann Norton Sculpture Gallery, Palm Beach, FL, October–November 2004
NAWA small works, Rosetta Gallery, Juno Beach, FL, December 2004
NAWA Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL, March 2005
Florida Artists Group, Annual Show, Florida Gulf Coast University, Tampa, FL, June 3-24, 2005
NAWA Florida, “Vernissage”, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL, August 18–October 31, 2005
2+3 “More than the Sum of Its Part”, Artserve, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, March–April 2006
NAWA Florida, “Art in Harmony”, Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL, April–May 2006
Third Avenue Art District at Top of the Tower Broward Community College,
             Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April-June, 2006
NAWA “Sharing a Vision of Contemporary Art” Armory Art Center ,West Palm Beach, FL,
             April-May, 2006
Florida Artists Group Annual Show, Ridge Art Association Gallery, Winter Haven, FL, April-June, 2006
NAWA Annual Show, “Goggleworks”, Reading, PA, May–July 2006, accepted but not shown
2+3 Artists Organization, “The Blues”, Sunrise Civic Center Gallery, Sunrise, FL, October–December 2006
NAWA Florida Chapter “Florida Gold”, Capital Art Gallery, Tallahassee, FL, October 2006–January 2007
NAWA “Anything Goes”, Newton, NJ, December 2006–January 2007
NAWA  Florida Chapter Annual Exhibition, Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL, February–March 2007
NAWA Florida Chapter “Women’s Perspective”, Art League of Marco Island, Marco Island, FL, March 2007
Dog Day Run Art Auction, Coral Springs Animal Hospital, Coral Springs, FL, February–March 2007
NAWA Florida Chapter “Pot Pourri”, Cornell Museum of Art and History,
             Delray Beach, FL, March-June 2007
57th FLAG Annual, Daytona Museum  of Arts and Science, Daytona, FL, May 18–September 4, 2007
NAWA Florida “Response to the Muse” Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL, April 26–May 14, 2007  
NAWA Florida “Summer in New York” NAWA Gallery, NYC, NY, July 6–August 16, 2007
118th NAWA Annual Show, Monroe Center for the Arts, Hoboken, NJ, September 9–October 1, 2007
Art Basel Miami Beach, 2+3 The Artists’ Organization, “Sacred Spaces”, Jewish Museum of Florida,
              Miami Beach, FL, December 6-10, 2007
119th Annual Exhibition NAWA, “GoggleWorks”, Center for the Arts, Reading, PA, August–September 2008
American Physicians’ Art Association Annual Show, Nashville, TN, July 2008
2+3 Show Glass Gallery, Pembroke Pines, FL, January–February 2009
NAWA Florida Art Show, Cornell Museum of Art, Delray Beach, FL, February–March 2009
FLAG 58th Symposium, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, St. Petersburg, FL, May 1–July 22, 2009
2+3 - “Its About Time”, Artserve, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 2009
NAWA 120th Annual Salmagundi Art Club, NYC, NY, May 2009
FLAG Lobby - Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, FL, May 2009
“Women Collared for Work”, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, FL, June-August 2009
“We Love Pets”, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL, June–August 2009
“Art of Medicine”, Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, FL, September–October 2009
Florida Artists Group, Armory Art Center, Palm Beach, FL, September–October 2009
“Boulder Busts Cancer”, Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, CO, October 8, 2009
“Women Collared for Work”, Delaplaine Art Center, Delaplaine, DE, October–November 2009
“NAWA Florida Annual Show, Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL, November–December 2009
Florida Artists Group, Palm Beach Gardens City Hall Lobby Exhibit, Palm Beach Gardens, FL,
             November 2009–January 2010
NAWA Florida, “Inspiration” Coral Springs Museum of Art Lobby Gallery, December 2009–January 2010
FLAG 60th Annual Symposium, Big Arts, Sanibel, FL, January–February 2010
NAWA Florida, “Creativity Takes Courage”, Northern Trust Bank, North Palm Beach, FL, January 2010
2+3 Multi-Media Exhibition, Crest Gallery, Delray Beach, FL, January 28–March 15, 2010
2+3 Portrait of Inner Self, Artserve, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, March 20–April 10, 2010
NAWA Florida, “Fusion”, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL, March 19–April 09, 2010
NAWA “Jewel of Beacon”, Howland Culture Center, Beacon, NY, May 1–22, 2010
Trash-to-Treasure, Artserve, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, May 1-22, 2010
NAWA 121st Annual Exhibition, National Arts Club, NYC, NY, June 9–27, 2010
“The Art of  Medicine Refilled”, Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, FL, October 4–November 16, 2010     
NAWA “Illusions”, Crest Gallery, Delray Beach, FL, November 3-31, 2010
Florida Watercolor Society, Non Signature Juried Show on web 2011
NAWA - Village Studio Gallery, Delray , FL, January 27–March 13, 2011
NAWA  “Across the Spectrum”, Northwood University Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL,
              February 7–March 25, 2011
2+3 Artserve - “Conflict”, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, February 19–March 12, 2011
2+3 Main Library, “Portals”, April 1-28, 2011
NAWA Florida, “Reality and Perception”, Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL,
              February 6–March 23, 2012
“Women Collared for Work”, West Chester University Bull Gallery, West Chester, PA,
              February 8–March 9, 2012
NAWA Florida, “Insights”, Crest Theater, Delray Beach, FL, February 9–April 9, 2012


 Exhibitions; (SOLO)

Fort Lauderdale City Hall, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1992
Lauderdale Library, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1993
Daniel D. Cantor Center-One Woman Show, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1995
One Woman Show, “The Golden Years”, Morani Gallery, Philadelphia, PA., 1996
One Woman Show, “My Artist Friends”, Studio of Francie Bishop Good, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1997
One Woman Show, “The Faces of AIDS”, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
          Hotel Pfister, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 22, 1997
Morani Gallery, “Doctors as Artists and Their Work” Philadelphia, PA, 1997
One Woman Show, “The Faces of AIDS” Florida International University, Miami, FL 1997
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Paterson, NJ – “The Homeless”, 1998
American Cancer Society – “Breast Cancer Survivors” Garden Art Show, Long Island, NY 1998
Cancer Link Event, “Breast Cancer Survivors” Colonnade Hotel, Coral Gables, FL 1998
Exhibit of several “FACES of AIDS” paintings plus the AIDS quilt containing all the faces
         In  the series at the 12th Annual World AIDS Conference, Geneva, Switzerland 1998
Exhibit of the “FACES of AIDS” quilt and several paintings from this series on World
         AIDS Day, Broward County, Florida Convention Center 1998
One Woman Show, “Shelter of Hope for the Homeless –Finding a Home Within”,
         Villanova University Art Gallery, Villanova, PA. 1999
One Woman Show, “Bigger than Life” Coral Springs Museum, Coral Springs, FL 1999
Rotating Exhibition of “Survivors of AIDS” featured each month at a different Jewish
         Temple in Broward County, 1999
One Woman Show – “Seniors with AIDS”, St. Thomas University, Miami, FL 1999
Exhibit of Faces of AIDS quilt and several paintings at Health Fair, Miami Beach
        Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL 1999
State of Florida Pharmacy Convention, Naples, FL 1999
“Summer Selections”, Coral Springs Museum, Coral Springs, FL 1999
Mentor to Mentor, Coral Springs Museum, Coral Springs, FL 1999
             Hollywood Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood, FL, Breast Cancer Survivors, 1999
Broward General Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Breast Cancer Survivors, 1999
St. Thomas University – Florida Catholic AIDS Network Annual HIV/AIDS Conference,
        Miami, FL, October, 1999
Art Explosion 2000 – The Junior League of Fort Lauderdale, January 2000
Center One’s Fifth Annual Design World Cares, January 2000
“Seniors with AIDS” series, Main Library, Fort Lauderdale, March 2000
FACES of AIDS Quilt, Fort Lauderdale Museum of ART, 2000
Children with AIDS Young at Art Children’s Museum Plantation, FL April 2001
Mentor to Mentor Dunedin Art Museum, Dunedin, Florida  May–June 2001
 “Seniors With Aids” Hollywood City Hall  November 5, 2001-January 7, 2002 Hollywood, FL
Faces of AIDS Quilt Holy Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, FL March-April 2002
Society of Arts in Healthcare Annual National Conference “Art in Medicine”
             Gainesville, FL April 2002 
AMFAR National Meeting Intercontinental Hotel, Miami, FL March 31-April 2, 2003
Amy Stepper Galleries Community Center “Artists Revisited”
             Palm Beach Garden, FL March-April 2004
Amy Stepper Galleries City Hall “Healing Art” March-April 2004 Palm Beach Garden, FL
Florida Atlantic University World Aids Day Exhibition December 1-2, 2004 Boca Raton, FL
North Broward Library of Broward Community College North Campus
             December 3, 2004-January 31, 2005, Faces of AIDS Deerfield Beach, FL 
The Faces of Aids Broward Community College South Campus Pembroke Pines, FL March 2005
Healing Art Coral Springs Museum of Art Coral Springs, FL April 2005
Holocaust Survivors and Liberators Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, FL April-October 2005
Yom Hashoah Temple B’Nai Aviv Weston, FL April 24, 2006
Faces of Aids Nov 2008 Florida Atlantic University
Holocaust Survivors Whitespace Collection, West Palm Beach, FL December 15, 2008-April 18, 2009
Women collared for Work Coral Springs Museum of Art Coral Springs, FL June 4-August 15, 2009
Women Collared for Work Delaplaine Art Center, Frederick,MD October 31-November 28, 2009
Women Collared for Work, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE February 5-March 21, 2010
Women  Collared for Work, Villanova University Gallery, Villanova, PA January 1-February 28, 2011
Women Collared for Work, West Chester University, West Chester, PA February-March 2012
Holocaust Survivors and Liberators Cornell Weill Library Gallery, NY/Presbyterian Hospital,
             NYC, NY February–June 2011
Beyond Survival: Portraits of Immigration Asylum Seekers ,
             NYU Langone Medical Center Gallery, NY, NY October 2011                                                                                        

Listed In

Who’s Who in America 2000-current
Who’s Who in the South and Southwest 2000
Who’s Who in the World 2000
Who’s Who in American Women 2000
Who’s Who in American Art 2001
Member, Board of Trustees, Foundation for the History of Women in Medicine


B.A. University of Pennsylvania


M.D.,Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1962
Rotating Internship, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, 1963
Medical Residency, Temple University Hospital, 1964-1965
Hematology Fellowship, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, 1966
Chemotherapy Fellowship, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, 1967


National Academy of Design, New York, 1989-1993 New School, Sculpture,
Bruno Lucchesi, New York, 1974-1984

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Barbara Dix, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1991
Private Instruction, Rowena Smith, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1991-1994
Workshops led by Tom Hill, Jan Kunz, Christopher Schinck, Alex Powers, Barbara
Nechis, Janet Walsh, Don Andrews, Miles Batt, Mel Stabin, Q. B. Leone, Maggie McClellan,
Wolf Kahn, Skip Lawrence and Steven Quiller, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Maine Photographic Workshops

Professional Appointments:

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Emeritus Oncology, Montefiore Medical Center
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, 1967-Present
Medical Director, Hospice, Beth Abraham Hospital, Bronx, NY, 1983-1989
Retired from practice of Medicine, 1990
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters and commencement speaker Philadelphia,PA -
      Kimmel Center from Schools of Public Health and Nursing of Drexel University 2006
Society of Arts in Healthcare Board of directors - now retired
Society of Arts in Healthcare Research Committee
Advisory council of Columbia Medical Center and NYP hospital, NYC past 5 years
College of Physicians, Philadelphia 2008

Video Presentations:

“The Golden Years”.  One half-hour presentation -  Channel 66,   Philadelphia, PA  1996
“The Faces of AIDS” feature for Milwaukee News, Channel 4, 1997
“The Fire of Life” feature video at AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin benefit, 1997
Cable News Network (CNN) – four-minute interview 1998
Video of “Art in Medicine” presented to the American Association of Medical Colleges
            at its Meeting in Chicago1999
Video Art in Medicine Medical School Course 2003
Video tapes available for events

Private Collections; (List not Complete)

Mr. Roger Prigent                                                     
Ms. Ruth Sherman Mr. Maur Dubin 
Ms. Ruth Silverman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Finkelstein                              
Sylvia & Ben Weinstock
Mrs. Helen Leeds                                                       
Marvin Friedman
Mrs. Rosenstock                                                            
Martha Hughes
Alma Kamino                                                             
Rowena and Ben Smith
Jane Herron                                                               
Virginia Bamberg
Beverly Kaufman                                                        
Barbara Dix
Mr. & Mrs. Gianfranco Proia                                  
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Gold
The Sylvester Comprehensive                                  
Eileen and Martin Rubin
 Cancer Center at the University                             
Hollywood Regional Memorial Hospital
Daniel B. Cantor Center, Sunrise ,Fl.                                           
 Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, NYC
Coral Springs Art Museum-Coral Springs,Fl
Andrew & Dahlia Morgan
Cornell Weill Division NY-Presbyterian Hospital,
Drexel School of Nursing 11th Street Corridor, Philadelphia, PA
Ms. Nan Scofield                                                           
Lita Talus
Dr. SharleneWeiss                                                        
Barbara O’Keefe
Janet Gold                                                                      
Genie Appel
Batchelor Building Pediatric AIDS Department         
Tin Ly
U of Miami 
Cindy Stoddard
Paul Delman                                                                    
Jewish Federation of Broward County
Bonnie Brydger                                                                  
Jewish Family Service, Plantation, FL
Hope Center, Miami, FL                                                    
Take Stock in Children of Broward County, FL 
Ann Storck Center , Plantation , FL                           
Drs. Gerry and Ruth Fishbach                                                                                       
Dr. Luther Brady                                                                   
Sybil Kleiman
Ellen Teresi                                                                          
Phil Collins
Janet Gold                                                                            
Diane Edwards
Sylvia Jaffe                                                                            
Irvin Lippman
Francie Bishop Good                                                            
Elayne Mordes
Ellen and Joe Teresi                                                               
Estate Catherine McCauley
Leslie Schreiber
Libby Kirsch
Ben and Maxine Gilbert
NY/Presbyterian Hospital, NYC, NY
Jim Kozman
Barbara Kenner
Sybil Kleiman
Ruth Drazen
Lew Schneider, M.D.
Abe Goldstein


National Association of Women Artists, Inc.  (Juried)President Florida Chapter 2002-4
2+3 Artist Group, Inc., President, 2000-2001
Florida Artists Group, Inc. (Juried)
Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Vice-President - 1997-1998;
            Chairman, Community Outreach - 1998-1999
Georgia Watercolor Society
Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Association (Associate)
International Arts-Medicine Association
American Physicians Art Association
Society for Arts in Healthcare (SAH) Board of Directors
Boca Raton Museum of Art Artists Guild – Juried Exhibiting Member
Advisory Council Columbia P&S
Board Memberships:
Foundation for Research on Sexually Transmitted Disease, NY,NY Emeritas
Advisory Board of School of Nursing of Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Foundation for History of Women in Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
Campus Community Committee of NY Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia University, NY, NY
Chairman Art-in-Medicine
Columbia Presbyterian Health Sciences Advisory Council, NY, NY 2000
Board of Directors of Society of Arts in Healthcare, Washington, D.C. 2004
Co-president 2+3 The Artists Organization 2006
Honorary Board of directors 2+3 2007
Third Avenue Art district 1996
Board of Florida Breast Cancer Coalition (retired 2007)
Advisory Council Art gallery Villanova University, Villanova PA 2006
Arts Advocacy Day Washington, DC, March 30-31, 2009 committee for Society of Arts in Healthcare
Board of Governors Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale
Honorary Board of Directors, Hollywood Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL
Honorary Board Ann Storck Center


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