Florida Artists Group

         2016 66th Annual Exhibition & Symposium
At the Center For The Arts of Bonita Springs, FL

    Award Winners from the 66th Annual Exhibition in Bonita Springs at the Center For the Arts are on the Home Page


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Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation Award
Joan Duff-Bohrer

Florida Artist Group Award
Gay Germain
Sculpture Garden Conversation #15

The Benjamin Award
Stephen Schatz

Margaret Cornish Debarba Award
Joan Sonnenberg
Optimism Embodies Power

Fonchen Lord Award
Richard Rosen
Gotham XVIII

Ru Israels Award
Beau Wild
On The Edge

Fern Samuels Award
Patricia Zalisko
Hydrus 12-15

Phyllis Bek-Gran Award
Penelope Breen
In The Midst Of Chaos

Blick Art Materials Award
Donne Bitner
As Dreams Pass By

Juror's Choice Award
Jean Banas
Expanding Gyre

Honorable Mention (by the judge with commentary – no ribbons/certificates):

Katty Smith, Marisabel (Of The Beautiful Sea)

Ginger Sheridan, Debussy Preludes Book III

Gregory Jones, Twelve Used Chairs

Sally Cooper, Zen

Joan Lustig, Angles & Triangles Series III

Peg Cullen, Reflection

Melissa Miller Nece, Swing Ring