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Ana Rac — Painter

Anna Rac

22 x 30

Anna Rac
48 x 48

  Peter Zell
Anna Rac
Red Tide
33 x 58
  Anna Rac

Keeping In Line
16 x 20

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Anna's Bio:

Expressionist painter based in Naples, FL

Anna works primarily with acrylics and oil pastels. 

Born in Poland, she moved to Chicago in her late teens. There, she obtained her bachelors degree in music and classical piano, and a masters degree in business. 

In 2007, she retired from a 27 year long career in banking and finance and moved to Florida to pursue her passion for fine arts full time. 
Anna paints in her Naples Art District studio/gallery and continues to play the piano. 

Anna's paintings can be found in galleries in Florida, and many private collections in the States and abroad. 

Artist Statement:

Painting, for me, is an expression of mood and energy generated by the subject matter. 

I paint to music. As a classical pianist, I am deeply affected by rhythm, tone, and harmony, and I believe that it translates to my art. I listen and feel the texture and weight of instrumentation and dynamics. 

I try to leave some tension in each painting, some imbalanced and unresolved quality to provide my work with strength and energy.