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Cheryl's Bio:

   I have lived in Central Florida since 1970, but originally came from Iowa where I received my BFA in art from Drake University in Des Moines. Raised near woodlands and with parents interested in the natural world, wood has been a part of my life since I was a very young person, and it continues to be the foundation for my sculptures, as well as the inspiration. My early studies of portrait painting and life drawing also contribute to the making of my tree branch figurative sculptures.  I have studied sculpture with Mia Westerlund Roosen and James Surls, as a fellow at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. Locally I have studied with David Cumbie and Michael Galletta. Today, I work in a warehouse studio that I share with six other artists.

Artist’s Statement:

     My central Florida environment of trees and lakes provides me with both the inspiration and the materials for my work.  My favorite woods are citrus, cypress, oak and crepe myrtle, which are readily available in my neighborhood.  Each work begins with a branch, log or limb that suggests a figure to me, and ends with a sculpted ceramic head.  This blending of natural materials and sculpted clay helps me evoke a unique look and feeling with my work.  These sculptures may border on folk art, but they are informed by a past study of life drawing and portrait painting.  My work has evolved from my personal life, my environment, and my metaphysical studies.




1967                        BFA Drake University, Des Moines, IA
1980                        Studied woodworking, Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC
1982                        Studied sculpture with Mia Westerlund Roosen, Atlantic Center for the Arts,                         
                                 New Smyrna Beach, FL           
1985                        Studied sculpture with James Surls, Atlantic Center for the Arts,                                                                                  New Smyrna Beach, FL                              

Invitational Show

2012                        Florida Artists Group, 62nd Annual Exhibit,  Ringling School of Art and Design,                                                         Sarasota, FL
2012                        Florida Sculpture Guild, Gallery at Avalon, Orlando, FL
2012                        Wood, Paper, Paint: Bitner & Bogdanowitsch, South Florida Community College                                              Museum  of Art and Culture, Avon Park, FL
2011                        FLA ART, Art by Florida Artists from the collection, the Mennello Museum of American                                  Art, Orlando, FL
2011                        Figure and Form: A Showcase of Florida Sculptors, Albin Polasek Museum and
                                 Sculpture Gardens, Winter Park, FL
2011                        Roots and Reflections, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch / Weronica Ankarorn, Lake Eustis
                                 Museum of Art, Eustis, FL
2111                         Florida Artists Group, 61st Annual Exhibit, Art & History Museums,Maitland, FL  
2011                        Time Passages, Artists and Poets,  Avalon Gallery,  Orlando, FL
2010                        First Firehouse Exhibit.  Florida Sculptor’s Guild,  Casselbery, FL
2010                        Figuratively Speaking, Florida Artists Competition,  Daytona Art League, 
                                 Daytona Beach, FL
2010                        First Annual Florida Juried Exhibition, Florida Museum for Women Artists, DeLand, FL
2010                        Across the Universe, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, Fran Gardner, Pat Zalisko,  the Art League
                                 of Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach, FL
2010                        Florida Sculptors Guild Exhibition, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, FL
2010                        Florida Artists Group, 60th Annual Exhibit, Big Arts, Sanibel Island, FL
2009                         Wood, Paper, and Paint, (2 person / Donne Bitner) Museum of Florida Art, DeLand, FL
2009                        Florida Artists Group, 59th Annual Exhibit, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL
2009                        Florida Artists Group, 58th Annual Exhibit, Leepa Ratner Museum of Art,
                                 Tarpon Springs, FL
2008                        Face to Face, Marriott Hotel,  Orlando, FL
2007                        Adored Artists Show, Comma Gallery,   Orlando, FL
2007                        Outdoor Art That Whirls and Twirls,  Polasek Museum, Winter Park, FL
2007                        Sculpture: Art in Three Dimensions, Ormond Memorial Art Museum, Ormond Beach, FL
2007                        The Maquette: Idea and Process, Crealde School of Art, Winter Park, FL
2007                        Heads, Hearts, Horses and Helmets,  the Alliance for the Arts, Ft. Myers, FL           
2006                        Outdoor Sculpture  Garden, Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Walt Disney World, FL
2006                        Outdoor Art that Whirls and Twirls, Albin Polasek Museum, Winter Park, FL
2006                        Cheryl Bogdanowitsch & Henry Sinn, the Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando,FL
2005                        Art in Three Dimensions, Eight Florida Women Sculptors,
                                 Orlando City Hall, Terrace Gallery, Orlando, FL
2005                        Orlando Furioso, Gallery 6, Richmond, Virginia
2005                        Orlando Modern Art Collection, the Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando, FL
2003                        Branching Out, Jerry Cutler & Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, the Arts Center, St Petersburg, FL
2003                        Thresholds-Expressions of Art and Spiritual Life,  City Gallery
                                 at Waterfront  Park, Charleston, S.C. (sponsored by the S. Carolina Arts
                                 Commission,  N. Carolina Arts Council,  Tennessee Arts Commission,
                                 Kentucky Arts Council, Florida Division of Cultural Affairs)
                                 (traveling to Kentucky, N. and S. Carolina,  Florida, and Tennessee)
2003                        Art at Work,  Artist’s Studio Tour, Orlando Museum of Art,  Orlando, FL
2002                        Creative Pairs, Orlando City Hall, Terrace Gallery, Orlando, FL
2002                        Florida Artists in Milan, Postart Gallery,  Milan , Italy
2002                        Bronze II, D’Ars Studio, Milan, Italy           
2002                        Biomorph Chris Valle, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch,  Thomas Center Galleries,            
                                 City of Gainesville, Dept. of Cultural Affairs,  Gainesville, FL                                                  
2001                        The Bronze Exhibition, Crealde School of Art,  Winter Park, FL                        
2001                        The Americans Are Coming, Studio D’Ars, Milan, Italy and              
                                 Banca Populare, Bergamo, Italy                                                                       
2000                       Sculpture Garden, Crealde  School of Art,  Winter  Park, FL
2000                       The Bronze Exhibition, D’Ars  Studio, Milan, Italy,  
                                 Warehouse Gallery, Orlando, FL           
2000                       Cheryl Bogdanowitsch,Lake County Administration Building,
                                 The Lake County Cultural Affairs Council Exhibition Program, Tavares, FL
1999                        Central Florida Sculptors : The First Generation, D’Ars Studios, Milan, Italy
1998                        Mood and Muse: Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, Henry Sinn , Mt. Dora Center for the Arts,
                                 Mt. Dora, FL
1997                        Cheryl Bogdanowitsch / Henry Sinn ,  The Galleries at Salt Creek, St. Petersburg, FL
1996                        Carol Bechtel, Barbara Sorenson, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch ,
                                 Albertson-Peterson Gallery, Winter Park, FL
1996                        Big Art on the Edge: Contemporary Sculpture by Central Florida Artists,                                                          Winter Park Mall, Winter Park, FL
1995                        Holes, Bones & Illusions, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, Jacqueline Otto Miller,
                                 Nan E Wilson, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
1995                        Symbology of the Soul, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, K J Laramie, C. Hagedorn                                                         Le Mieux Galleries, New Orleans, LA
1995                        ScreenPlays , Traveling Show, Florida Craftsmen Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
1995                        Cate Woodward / Cheryl Bogdanowitsch - Paintings & Sculpture ,
                                 Meta B Brown Gallery, Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL
1994                        HxWxL , Brevard Art Center and Museum, Melbourne, FL
1993                         Revelations: Nancy Jay, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, Kristin Eyfells ,                                                                                  University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
1991                         From the Chapel to the Tattoo Parlor: A Gathering of Angels ,
                                 Art Space Inc, Atlanta, GA
1990                        Centrifugal Force , Central Florida Sculpture Guild, University of Georgia,
                                 Athens, GA                                                           

Selected Juried Shows

2009                        Artists Registry Annual Members Show, Avalon Island Gallery, Orlando, FL
2008                        Florida Biennial IV, Museum of Florida Art, DeLand, FL
2006                        Southeastern Juried Exhibition, 12 SE States, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL
2006                        All Florida Juried Competition, the ArtsCenter, St. Petersburg, FL 
2005                        Saltline Biennial,  Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile,  AL
2004                        Southeastern Juried Exhibition, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile,  AL
2004                        13th Annual All Florida Juried Exhibition, the Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL
2003                        Member’s Juried Exhibit, DeLand Museum, DeLand, FL
1999                         Art Three By Three, Member’s Juried Exhibit, Maitland Art Center, Maitland, FL
1997                         Individual Artist’s Recognition Awards Show, Terrace Gallery,                                                                                    Orlando City Hall, Orlando, FL
1996                         Florida Gulf Coast Art Center: Biennial II, Gulf Coast Art Center, Belleair, FL
1994                         Visual Voices / The Female, 1994 Juried Exhibition, University of West                                                           Florida, Pensacola, FL
1993                         Skirting the Issue / Women Artists in Florida, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, FL
1992-3                     17th and 18th  Annual Juried Competition: Small Works ,Valencia Community
                                  College, Orlando, FL             

One Person Shows

2000                       Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, A Twenty-Year Retrospective Exhibition,
                                 Crealde School of Art, Winter Park, FL
1997                        Albertson-Peterson Gallery, Winter Park, FL
1992                        Harris House of the Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL
1990                        Sun in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
1987                        Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem NC
1986                        The Spirit Within: Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, The DeLand Museum of Art, DeLand, FL                                               


2008                        Merit Award:  Florida Biennial IV, Museum of Florida Art, DeLand, FL
2008                        Award : Artists Registry Members Exhibit, Avalon Island, Orlando, FL
2005                        Best in Show:  Equus II, DeLand Museum of Art, DeLand, FL
2004                        Purchase Award:  S.E. Juried Competition, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile,AL
1999                        Purchase Award:  Art Three By Three,  Juried Art Competition, Maitland Art
                                 Center, Maitland, FL    
1996                        Award: Art Three By Three, Juried Art Competition,
                                Maitland Art Center, Maitland, FL           
1995                        Individual Artist Recognition Award, Art Services Council, Orlando, FL           
1993                        Merit Award: Mixed Media, Florida Competition, Arts on the Park, Inc., Lakeland, FL
1992                        Honorable Mention: IMC Mayshow, Arts on the Park, Inc., Lakeland, FL                                   
Public Collections

Crealde School of Art,  Sculpture Garden, Winter Park, FL                    City Hall, Orlando, FL
University of Central Florida, Arts Complex,  Orlando, FL                    Sun Bank  ,  Orlando, FL
Maitland Art Center,  Maitland, FL                                                           Barnett Bank, Tampa, FL,
AT&T Building Jacksonville, FL                                                      Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL
Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL