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  Gene Roberds — Painter

36 x 48


Silver River Late Evening


24 x 40

Waiting on Artist
14 x 16

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Gene taught at the college level for over thirty years. He exhibited Nationally throughout the United States since 1955.
Listed in: Who's Who in American Art; Who's Who in Kentucky; Who's Who in American Education;
Two Thousand Men of Achievement; Encyclopedia Internazionale Degli Artisti

Artists Statement:

My paintings begin as a series of small watercolors executed on location. Since I usually work in a boat, I
am able to reach remote wilderness areas away from civilization and bothersome onlookers. I feel strongly
about the documentary aspect of painting these areas, for they may not exist much longer.

My larger works, both oil and acrylic, are fabricated from many of the small watercolors, plus some
photographs and drawings. They are a bit impressionistic, a little expressionistic, but are mostly composites of abstract brush stroke patterning, calligraphy, and color.

It is an ordered arrangement of abstract parts that result in a composition that is conceived abstractly, and
should, I believe, be perceived in that realm. Subject matter is only an excuse or reason to begin a painting.

The result is a painting that satisfies my involvement in the abstract structure of composition but reads representationally as well.


Barnett Banks throughout FL
Prudential Life Insurance, Chicago, IL
Hart, Shaffner, and Marx, Chicago, IL
First Union Banks, Orlando, FL
City of Orlando, FL
Fifth District Court of Appeals, Daytona Beach, FL
Adams Mark Hotel,Jacksonville, FL
George Percy Collection, Gainesville, FL
and many others


Picturing Florida
Coast to Coast
Liquid Muse

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Butterfield Garage Gallery, St. Augustine, FL
Arts on Douglas, New Smyrna Beach, FL