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Henry's Bio:

  Henry Sinn was born in Florida in 1956 and lives in the Orlando area.  He is Department Head of Painting and Drawing and Gallery Director at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, FL.   He received a B.A. in Painting from Rollins College in 1979 where he studied with Tom Peterson.   He also studied extensively with local sculptor Grady Kimsey whom he regards as a mentor.

   Sinn began his career as a full time artist directly after graduating from Rollin College.  He has held fifteen solo shows since 1981 and has exhibited his artwork extensively throughout the Southeast for over 30 years.  The venues include Valencia Community College, Seminole Community College, Crealde School of Art, Maitland Art Center,  Museum of Florida Art in DeLand,  Davis-McClain Gallery in Houston, Texas and the Cameron-Cobb Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, among others. He also participated in a three-person show at Orlando Museum of Art.

  In 2000, Sinn received an important public commission to create a floor mosaic at the 4th Airside Terminal at the Orlando International Airport.  The piece entitled “Field of Ferns” measures 17 by 94 feet.

   Sinn’s work is represented in over twenty significant corporate collections which include locally Orlando City Hall, Sun Bank Corporation in Orlando and the Cornell Museum in Winter Park.  In Houston, Texas his work has been bought by Amoco Oil Corporation, Executive Offices of Century Development, Sunbelt National Bank and Harold Farb Company among others.  His work can be seen at the Wyndham Hotel in Austin Texas, the Westin Hotel in Chicago and numerous Florida collections. 

Education and Employment:  

1979  B.A. Studio Painting, Rollins College, Winter Park,  FL
Director of Painting & Drawing, Crealde School of Art
Gallery Director, Crealde School of Art
600 St. Andrews Boulevard, Winter Park,  Florida 32792

Invitational Shows and Juries Shows:

2012  “Small Works Invitational”, Valencia College, Orlando, FL
2011  “Dresses… Objects of Art”, Gallery of Avalon Island, Orlando, FL
2011  “Figure & Form”, showcasing Florida sculptors, Polasek Museum, Winter Park, FL
2011  “FLA –ART”, featuring Florida artists, Mennello Museum American Art, Orlando
2011 & 2010 “Director’s Choice”, Crealde Faculty Exhibit, Crealde & Taveres City Hall
2011 & 2010  ”Artists Registry Annual Members Show”, Won Best In Show 2010,
            Avalon Island Gallery, Orlando, Fl
2010  “Figure In the Landscape”, Daytona Beach Art League, Daytona Beach, FL
2010  “RSVP: Members Only”, Maitland Art Center, Maitland, FL
2009  “Galleries International: A Retrospective”, City Hall, Winter Park, FL
2009  “Dresses…Objects of Art”, Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando, FL
2009  “Paper Works 4 Me, Competitive Exhibition”, Lake Eustis Museum, Eustis, FL
2009  “Florida Artists Group, 59th Annual Juried Exhibit”, Juried by Sique Spense, of
           Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York; Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL
2008  “Florida Biennial IV”, Museum of Florida Art, DeLand, FL
2008, 2007 & 2006  “Power of the Purse”, Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL
2005  “Seminole Community College 40th Anniversary”, Lake Mary, FL
2004  “Juried Member’s Exhibition”, DeLand Museum of Art, DeLand, FL
2003  “Art At Work, Artist’s Studio Tour, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL
2002  “Creative Pairs”, Orlando City Hall, Terrace Gallery, Orlando, FL
2002  “7th Annual Small Works Invitational”, Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL
2001  “Peaceable Kingdom”, Mayor’s Office, City Hall, Orlando, FL
1999  “Under Wraps”, Harris House–Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL
1998  “ A Beastiary: The Animal In Art”, Terrace Gallery, City Hall, Orlando, FL
1997  “Three By Three”, Maitland Art Center, Maitland, FL

Group Shows:

2012  “FLAG, Florida Artists Group, Area V”, Orlando City Hall, Terrace Gallery, FL
2012  “Florida Artists Group, 62nd Annual Exhibit”, Selby Gallery, Ringling, Sarasota, FL
2012  “Florida Sculptor’s Guild Member’s Show”, Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando, FL
2011  “Florida Artists Group, 61st Annual Exhibit”, Maitland Art Center, Maitland FL
2010  “Florida Sculptors Guild Exhibition”, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, FL
2010  “Florida Artists Group, 60th Annual Exhibit”, Big Arts, Sanibel Island, FL
2009  “58th Annual Exhibition FLAG”, Leepa-Rattner Museum of  Art, St Petersberg, FL
2009  “Florida Sculptors Guild–First Exhibit”, Osceola Center for Arts, Kissimmee, FL
2008  “Face to Face, Objects of Art”, Orlando Marriot Hotel, Orlando, FL
2007  “Adored Artists IV”, Comma Gallery,  Orlando,  FL
2007  “Sculpture: Art in three Dimensions”, Ormand Art Museum, Ormand Beach, FL
2007  “Heads, Heart, Horses, & Helmets”, The Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL
2005  “Marriot Art Show”, Marriot Hotel, Orlando, FL
2002  “Time Out of Joint – Artist’s Interpret Hamlet”, Orlando Shakespeare Festival 
2002  “Orlando/Milano”, Church Street Gallery of Contemporary Art, Orlando, FL
2001  “Americans Art Coming”, Studio D’Ars, Milan & Banco Populare, Bergamo, Italy
2000  “Black Velvet”, Terrace Gallery, City Hall, Orlando, FL


One and Two Person Shows:

2012  “Dancing My Way to Happiness”, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, FL
2010  “Original Sinns”,  Winter Park City Hall, Winter Park, FL
2009  “Intrigue, Enchantment & Sinn, Lake Eustis Museum of Art, Eustis, FL
2007  “Common Threads: Henry Sinn & Lauren Austin” Museum of Florida Art, DeLand
2007  “Henry Sinn – New Sculptures”, Big Arts,  Sanibel Island, FL
2006  “Henry Sinn & Cheryl Bogdanowitsch”, The Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando, FL
2005  “All In the Mix”, Crealde Art Center, Winter Park, FL
1998  “Mood and Muse”,  Mt Dora Center for the Arts, Mt. Dora, FL
1997  “Henry Sinn & Cheryl Bogdanowitsch” The Galleries at Salt Creek, St. Pete, FL
1991  “Subjective Realities”, Below Zero Gallery, Orlando, FL
1989  “Henry Sinn – Recent Work”, DuPont Center, Orlando, FL
1988  “Henry Sinn”, Cameron-Cobb Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1987  “Romantic At Heat”, DeLand Museum of Art, DeLand, FL
1984  “Decorative Emotions”, Maitland Art Center, Maitland, FL
1982  “Henry Sinn – New Paintings”, Davis-McClain Gallery, Houston, TX

Permanent Installations:

2003  “Dreamscape”, Floor Mosaic, Private residence, Isleworth, Orlando, FL
2000  “Field of Ferns”, Floor Mosaic 94 ft L X 17 ft W, 4th Airside Terminal, People     
           Mover Train Station, Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL

Corporate Collections:

         Orlando City Hall, Orlando, FL
         Sun Bank Corporation, Orlando, FL
         Rollins College, Cornell Museum, Winter Park, FL
         Harris Corporation, Melbourne, FL
         Amoco Oil Corporation, Houston, TX
         Century Development, Executive Offices, Houston, TX
         The Wyndham Hotel, Austin, TX
         The Westin Hotel, Chicago, IL
         Orlando Opera Company, Orlando, FL
         Price-Waterhouse, Tampa, FL
         Sunbelt National Bank, Houston, TX
         Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island, FL
         Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL
         Harold Farb Company, Houston, TX
         1010 Lamar Building, Houston, TX
         Friendswood Development Company, Houston, TX
         The Whitney Corporation, Cocoa Beach, FL
Honors and Awards:

2012  “Florida Artists Group, 62nd Annual Exhibition”, First Place, Selby Gallery at
           Ringling School of Art, Sarasota, FL.   Judge: Tom Nakashima       
2009  “Artists Registry Annual Members Show”, Best In Show, Gallery at Avalon Island,
            Orlando, FL  Judge: Rachel Stewart from Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL
2004  “DeLand Museum of Art Juried Exhibition”, Award of Merit, DeLand, FL
1998  “A Beastiary: The Animal In Art”, Purchase Award, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, FL
1996  “22nd Small Works”, Purchase Award, Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL
1984  “Commissioned Paintings for Cultural Achievement Awards”, Council of Arts and
            Sciences, Orlando, FL
1982  “Artists Three”, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL
1979  “Cornell Museum Show”, Purchase Award, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL

Posters and Publications:

1989  “Strawberry Spring Show”, Poster and T-shirt design, Winter Park, FL
1986  “Brushing”, Magazine cover art, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL
1984  “Decorative Emotions”, Poster and Catalog, Maitland Art Center, Maitland, FL
1982  “Florida Painting”, Catalog art, Jacksonville Art Museum, Jacksonville, FL
1982  “Orlando Opera Company”, Program cover and poster art, Orlando, FL