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HIgh Desert


Red Dragon 

Death and Transfiguration

Poetry In Motion

The Extended Calculus of Vermeer I

Jungle Symphony

Urban Flight

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  I consider my painting as a type of visual poetry.  Each painting is constructed formally, first in the foundational sense, from the rational world about, then extending beyond those rational boundaries into hopefully the realms of the spirit.  As references other than environment, I draw upon images that are contemporary, personal, historical, and art historical.  The only criterion that I have is that it fits – it feels right.
    It is important for me as an artist to leave room for the viewer.  Moreover, I am not an illustrator and am not interested in visual equivalencies- this as a symbol for that.  For me what is most important is the emotional impact.  It is my goal to paint images that intrigue and that create a private resonance within the viewer.

Artist Bio:

Ronald Gibbons is a full time painter who lives in Neptune Beach, Florida.  Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Gibbons is the product of a family whose roots and mindset are tied to the industrial heartland of Mid-America. His grandfather designed and hand made his own wood working machines, casting the metal parts in his backyard.  His father was employed by IBM in the early days of the computer machine age and saw the development of the transistor and later the IC chip.  As a result Gibbons comes from several generations of industrial craftsmen well regarded for their hands on engineering skills.  His own creative drive is born of this same spirit, a hands on working/thinking process in which an artwork is constructed idea by idea culminating into a final product.
  Gibbons holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Kansas City Art Institute in Sculpture and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking from Ohio University in 1993.  From that time forward he has exhibited in places as diverse as Nashville, Tennessee; Sacramento, California; Prague, The Czech Republic; Florence, Italy; and Nagoya, Japan.  Since 2001 he has been spending his summers months teaching Plein Air Painting in Paris and Drawing in Florence. He continues to exhibit both nationally and internationally.


2013              Cincinnati, OH. “Confluence: Partnership and Creativity.” Group Invitational show.
                       Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery. February.
2012              Florence, Italy. “L’ Essenziale e invisibile agli occhi.” Four Person Invitational show.
                       Instituto Europeo. Ongoing.
                       Jacksonville Beach, FL “Ronald Gibbons”, Solo show. Gruen Gallery. May.
                       Jacksonville Beach, FL “Art” Group Show. Gruen Gallery. February
2011              Jacksonville University. “Private Investigations.” Solo show. Alexander  
                       Brest Museum and Gallery.  September.
2006              Florence, Italy.  Oliandolo Ristoro.  February.
2005              Jacksonville Beach, FL  Holiday party at Health Elements. 
                       Two person show.  December.
                       Florence, Italy.  “Visioni Fiorentine.”  May Day Club.  July.
                       Lille, France.  “Art Expo at L’Eau Vive.”  Group show.  June.
                       Sacramento, CA  “Irresistible Vanities.”  Solomon Dubnick Gallery. 
                       Two Person show.  February.
2004             Sacramento, CA  “The Three Graces.”  Solomon Dubnick Gallery. 
                       Group Invitational Show.  November.
                       Lille, France.  “Projected Light.”  Collaborative Installation at
                       St. Paul’s Anglican Church.  September.
                       Athens, OH  “Ohio Alumni Exhibition.”  The Dairy Barn. 
                       Group Juried Show.  January – February.
2001              Nashville, TN  “Small Packages 7.”  Cumberland Gallery. 
                       Group Invitational Show.  December.
                       Sacramento, CA  “Looking Beyond.”  Solomon Dubnick Gallery. 
                       Group Invitational Show.  November.
                       Nashville, TN  “Disconcerting Realism.”  Cumberland Gallery. 
                       Two Person Show.  September – October.
                       Akron, OH  “Point(s) of Contact.”  Millworks Gallery Inc.  Group Invitational Show.  April.
2000             Nashville, TN  “Small Packages 6.”  Cumberland Gallery.
                       Group Invitational Show.  December.
                       Sacramento, CA  “Judgment Day.”  Solomon Dubnick Gallery. 
                       Three Person Show.  January.
1999              Nashville, TN  “Small Packages 5.”  Cumberland Gallery. 
                       Group Invitational Show.  December.
                       Marietta, OH “Gibbons and Torano.”  Marietta College.  Two person show. 
                       January – March.
1998              Nashville, TN  “Small Packages 4.”  Cumberland Gallery. 
                       Group Invitational Show.  December.
                       Sacramento, CA  “Self Expression 1998, All Media Self Portrait Invitational.” 
                       Solomon Dubnick Gallery.  June.
                       Lancaster, OH  “The Sublime and The Satiric.”  Gallery For the Visual Arts,
                       Ohio University.  Two Person Show.  March – April.
1997              Nashville, TN  “Small Works 3.”  Cumberland Gallery. 
                       Group Invitational Show.  November – December.
                       Sacramento, California.  “Figure and Funk From Solomon Dubnick Gallery.” 
                       Encina Art Gallery.  September.
                       Sacramento, CA  “Personal Expressions.”  Solomon Dubnick Gallery. 
                       Group Invitational Show.  April.
                       Sacramento, CA  “The Art of Making Money.”   Solomon Dubnick Gallery.  
                       Individual Part of a Two Person Exhibition.  February – March.
1996              Mansfield, OH  “ReVisoins.”  The Mansfield Art Center. 
                       Group Invitational Show.  December – January.