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Conservation, preservation and a love of nature and her bodies of water, lands, flora and fauna are
the subject of my artwork. Described by critics as “heartfelt and empathetic,” my paintings record the
wonders and beauty, often taken for granted, and my images demonstrate the necessity of preserving
in fact and in art for future generations. Artist Statement:

My specific strengths as a painter relate to my strong feelings about our earth and how we envision our responsibility as being the watchdog for our planet.  My images weave a positive story and are, by
subject matter, fairly enjoyable to the eye.  They are pleasing because I see the world of ours as a
pleasing place.  I record the environment and, in so doing, build awareness while at the same time I
leave a legacy.

My paintings have a rhythm and motion which consistently reflect my brushwork, and much of that
has to do with my use of a synthetic surface called YUPO, a ‘tree free' paper, originally used in the
printing industry.  My goal is to create an exciting body of work, images to be enjoyed not only for their aesthetic quality, but also to foster a unique sense of awareness about park properties and public responsibilities as they regard our natural spaces.  In short, I hope to awaken the public to what is
theirs - to respect it, enjoy it, and take pride in it.

A Brief Summary of Community and Teaching Activities:

Taylor Ikin is widely known for her work on YUPO, a synthetic tree free surface. Her environmentally sensitive images have been exhibited in Museums throughout Florida and Virginia, including Florida
house in Washington DC. Her unique approach and joy in making art are the frequent topic of articles in
multiple art magazines, books and the local press, and can be enjoyed through her DVD, Dancing
. She has taught regionally, nationally, and in the Caribbean as well as 15 years at the
Gulf Coast Museum of Art and recently the Beach Art Center. Ikin now teaches at the Dunedin Fine
Arts Center in Dunedin, FL. She has served on the Boards of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County, President and Board Member of the Florida Watercolor Society for a total of 16 years, the Education Committee of the Tampa Museum of Art and the Restoration Committee of the Tampa Theater. She is currently on the Board of the Gasparilla Festival of Arts and the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. She is a Signature Member of the Florida Watercolor Society and the Florida Artists Group. Her work is collected world wide, including the Vatican Collection, Rome Italy.


An unusual feature of my painting process is how I use traditional watercolor media applied to
a synthetic painting surface called YUPO. Since no trees are required in the processing of YUPO,
the use of this innovative material further supports my interest in preservation and conservation.


2012                   National Watercolor Society Members Exhibition
2012                   Florida Watercolor Society, Orlando, FL
2011                   Manatee Center For The Arts, Florida Watercolor Society
2011                   Cornell Museum of Arts and Nature, Del Ray Beach, Florida Artists Group
2010                   Leepa-Rattner Museum of  Art, Florida Watercolor Society
2010                   Dunedin Fine Arts, Dunedin, FL, Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL
2008                  Cornell Museum of Arts and Nature, Delray Beach, FL (FWS)                     
2007                   Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences
2005                   Leepa-Rattner Museum, Tarpon Springs, FL
                            Norfolk Botanical Garden, Norfolk, VA
2004                   Cornell Museum of Arts and Sciences, Delray Beach, FL

Artists In Residency Grants:

2011                      Santee State Park, SC
2010                     Santee State Park, SC
2009                    Givens Ferry State Park, SC
2008                    Santee State Park, Santee, SC
2006                    Oconee State Park, SC
2005                    Santee State Park, SC

One - Person Gallery Exhibitions:

2009                    Nuance Galleries, Tampa, FL
2007                    Art Center, Sarasota, Women’s Resource Center, Sarasota 
                              Nuance Galleries, Tampa
2005                    Nuance Galleries, Tampa, FL
                              Norfolk Botanical Gardens,
                              Cornell Museum of Arts and Sciences, Delray Brach, FL
2004                    22nd Floor Gallery, Capitol Building, Tallahassee, FL
                              Florida House, Washington, DC
                              Nuance Galleries, Tampa, FL                  
2003 – 1999 - 1995
                              Life Saving Museum of Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA                                           
2001 – 1998 - 1993
                              Island Arts Gallery  Antigua, West Indies

Art Educator:

2012-2013           Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Tarpon Springs
2009- on-going  Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin, FL
2009-2011           Long Center, Clearwater, FL
2006 – 2009       Beach Art Center, Indian Rocks Beach, FL
1990 – 2006        Gulf Coast Museum of Art Largo, FL

Workshops:    Local, Regional, National and International Demonstrations, Lecture, Juror and

2008 - 2013        Board Member Gasparilla Festival of Arts
2008 - 1999        Arts Council of Hillsborough County Board Member                                     
2010 - 2005        Tampa Museum of Art Education Board Member
                               Board Member Renaissance Center for the Arts
                              Board Member Restoration Tampa Theatre
2012 - 1997         Florida Watercolor Society Board Member
1996 - 1997         Florida Watercolor Society President
2012 - 1989        Florida Artists Group
                              Florida Watercolor Society                      
                              Southeastern Watercolor Society IV
                              Southern Watercolor Society
                              Tallahassee Watercolor Society

Taylor Ikin’s work is collected world wide including Australia, South Africa, the British Isles, Europe, the United States, Canada and the Vatican.