Florida Artists Group

         2015 65th Annual Exhibition & Symposium
At the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art Tarpon Springs, FL

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Best in Show $1500.00
Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation Award

Gay Germain area 3
Field of Color

1st Place $1000.00
Florida Artist Group Award

Candy Childrey area 1
Three Friends

*two 2nd place awards listed alphabetically

2nd place $500.00
The Benjamin Award

Jamie Friedli area 3

2nd place $ 500.00
Cornish-DeBarba & Dimmitt Award

Donne Bitner area 5
Time Flies

3rd place $300.00
Fonchen Lord Award

Pamela Miles area 4
Three, Two, One

4th place $250.00
Ru Israels Award

Patricia Zalisko area 7
Indian River

* Merit Awards listed alphabetically

Blick Art Materials Merchandise Award $100.00

Mindy Z. Colton area 5
Forest Dance, Mare and Foal

Eleanor Richter Memorial Award $100.00

Cheryl Anne Day-Swallow area 4
Tears from Heaven

Harry Yeaw Memorial Award $100.00

Gregory Jones area 4


Cecily Hangen Award for Service to FLAG

Cheryl Anne Day-Swallow


 Symposium   Photos were taken by:

Jim Swallow

Gallery Talk by Juror Frank Faulkner
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